Erik Michael Collins - Tulsa Small Business Digital Marketing Professional - Web, IT, Social, Graphics.jpg


Erik has managed and overseen a number of digital marketing and IT projects for corporate industry leaders in the LA, New York, Chicago, Houston, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa markets. His experience exists from a variety of industries that include commercial & residential real estate, manufacturing, hospitality, local retail, city district planning, and more. These projects have varied in scope and include both complex IT infrastructure planning and corporate brand development & execution.


Digital marketing management experience includes the setup, monitoring, designing of ads, and bid adjustment of paid and retargeting campaigns on Facebook, Google Adwords, Yelp and AdRoll platforms. Technical and creative SEO experience includes keyword research, competitor review, market positioning, landing page creation / copywriting, organic page optimization, and in-depth user behavior analytics review. Full knowledge, certification, and understanding of analytics platforms including Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Hubspot, SEMRush, Quantcast, and Hotjar.

Locally, Erik’s work has been published in Oklahoma Magazine, Tulsa People, and Route Magazine and has also been featured on news channels 6 and 8.

Erik is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and holds degrees in marketing and corporate finance.