Tulsa Small Business Marketing

Small businesses are the foundation to Tulsa’s economy. Ensuring that your brand is presenting itself optimally is prudent. Whether you’re a hotel, real estate agent, restaurant, or any other small business owner in Tulsa, we have the solutions you need to set you apart from your competition.

Through a proprietary marketing process we refer to as The Marketing System, our clients’ case studies have proven themselves to the community. This algorithmic-based technique we’ve developed is not used by any other marketing consultant or agency in the entire city. Most marketing professionals are still relying on mechanisms and strategies that are stale and outdated. Consequently, the results from these strides quickly peak. We’ve taken outside theories, strategies, and processes from other markets and have completely reverse engineered them to work optimally for the Tulsa market.

Marketing small businesses in Tulsa is our specialty. Rather than most marketing agencies and individual professionals who tailor their marketing services for larger businesses and corporations, we take a special interest in our local family of businesses to help in the areas of web design, social media, graphic design, video marketing, and other digital marketing efforts.



Erik has managed and overseen a number of digital marketing projects for corporate industry leaders, both locally and nationwide. These projects have varied in scope and include both complex IT and digital marketing designs.